RV Keary at the Copper Coast Geopark, County Waterford

IGA / CGA FIELD EXCURSION Saturday, 14th May, 2011

Leader: Tina Keating of the Copper Coast Geopark

This field excursion is designed with two objectives, to experience the shipboard surveying capability of the RV Keary during a cruise in Waterford Harbour, and to explore the geological heritage and interpretation facilities of the Copper Coast Geopark. 

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Joint excursion of the Irish Geological Association (IGA) and the Cork Geological Association (CGA).

The R V Keary is specifically designed for inshore surveying in waters less than 20 metres deep.  The ships of the Marine Institute (MI) fleet are unable to operate effectively in such shallow waters.  Managed by the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) and providing survey services to the Infomar Mapping Programme (which is jointly led by MI and GSI), the vessel undertakes detailed seafloor mapping and a range of geophysical survey techniques.  The interpreted results provide comprehensive information on the environment and resources of our valuable and extensive seabed.  During the cruise these various techniques and their results will be demonstrated.

The Copper Coast Geopark is a 25km stretch of spectacular coastline between Tramore and Dungarvan, first awarded European and later Global Geopark status in recognition of its outstanding volcanic geology.  It takes its name from the 19th Century copper mines that lie at its heart.  The locations visited during the fieldtrips will serve to introduce the rich geological heritage which reflects a variety of environments over 460 million years.  Included is a visit to Tankardstown engine house complex, site of the mining activity with magnificent views of the coast and the Comeragh Mountains.  A visit of the Copper Coast Centre in Bonmahon will then showcase the wealth of heritage in the area including flora, fauna, culture and history we may not get the chance to experience during these short visits.

Further information on the subjects of the two visits is available on the websites www.infomar.ie and www.copper-coast.com .  In addition, literature such as brochures and offprints will be available to participants during the course of the day.

The assembly point for the RV Keary visit will be the foyer of the Granville Hotel in Waterford city, and for the Copper Coast Geopark will be the carpark in the small village of Annestown.  Participants will be assigned to either of Group A or Group B (each containing a total of 10 persons, 5 from each Association).  Assignments will be done by each Association in advance of the excursion.  Group A will meet at 9.30 for the RV Keary visit and 2.30 for the Copper Coast Geopark, while Group B will meet at 9.30 for the Copper Coast Geopark and 2.30 for the R V Keary visit.  Each visit will last approximately 3 hours and travel time between assembly points is at least 30 minutes – please be on time!  Lunch arrangements are flexible:  bring your own, or else purchase some at the Granville Hotel or other convenient outlets.

There will be an opportunity for participants to meet socially at the end of the day in the Granville Hotel and to share solid or even liquid refreshment.

The two Associations wish to thank sincerely the staff of the R V Keary and the Copper Coast Geopark for facilitating this very interesting excursion.

Participation in this fieldtrip is entirely at your own risk

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