Health and Safety Statement

All field trip participants must signify the have read and agreed to our Health & Safety statement.

General Policy

The Irish Geological Association (IGA), in furthering interest in the geological sciences in Ireland, organises a regular programme of events, including meetings and field trips.  It takes reasonable measures to protect participants and the general public from H&S hazards arising from its activities, including the prevention of personal injury and damage to property.  Participants in its activities are obliged to adopt prudent measures towards that end.  Participants attend events and activities entirely at their own risk and the IGA, its Council and members accept no liability for any injury or loss to participants.

IGA does not carry insurance in respect of members or participants at its events.  It does hold Civil Liability Insurance, through Mountaineering Ireland, in respect of its Council members and field trip leaders.  A member of Council will normally attend IGA field trips.  Information on the Mountaineering Ireland insurance coverage is available at (Home>Members & Services>Our Insurance).


The IGA endeavours to offer participants a safe environment for its activities.

Risk Assessment is to be considered by the Organiser of an Outdoor Event and to include the following factors:

  • Equipment needed;
  • Itinerary and Terrain;
  • Length of walk;
  • Any unusual hazards.
  • Any appropriate advices to be given to members, if necessary before the day of the event

Leaders and/or Council members will, as far as practicable, draw the attention of participants to the hazards associated with specific IGA events.

Intending participants at IGA events shall make themselves aware of the hazards associated with those events and register for them only if they are satisfied they can participate in a safe and healthy manner.  They shall take responsibility for their own H&S while participating in IGA events and be conscious of a burden of care towards inexperienced participants and the general public.

The Excursions Secretary shall  report regularly to Council and the Annual General Meeting on significant H&S incidents and H&S practice at IGA events.


Participation in any IGA field trip shall be limited to those who have completed a Registration Form for that event.  They shall declare any medical condition that might adversely affect their ability to participate in the event or compromise the ability of the group to complete the event.

Participants in IGA events shall comply with H&S instructions given by leaders or Council members.  They shall report all significant H&S incidents which occur as a result of, or while participating in, IGA activities.  Such reports shall be directed to the Excursions Secretary.

Participants in IGA events shall be responsible for providing, maintaining in good order and using properly any necessary protective equipment.  They shall inform themselves on H&S issues on an ongoing basis, especially relating to activities in open countryside, quarries and along coastlines.

When hiring a minibus or other transport for IGA events, only named drivers with appropriate driving licence and insurance cover shall drive the vehicle.  Each vehicle shall conform to the legal requirements of the country in which it is used and where possible seat belts shall be available for, and used by, all occupants.

Where an event involves overseas travel, contact details of participants shall be provided along with an itinerary and schedule to a designated Council member who is not participating in the event.

Plans and procedure in case of emergency:

A First Aid kit shall normally be available at field excursions and shall contain a selection of adhesive plasters, bandages, wound dressings, ointment and scissors.

14th May 2019

Safety Guidelines for field trips

It is important to realise that all field work involves a level of personal risk but that awareness of hazards, use of common sense and thought for others can greatly reduce this risk.

Code of Conduct

1. Take all reasonable precautions to maintain your own safety and not endanger other members of the group as directed by the leader or organiser.

2. Obey the Country Code e.g. close gates, leave no litter, do not disturb wildlife or plants.

3. Seek permission before entering private land.

4. If you smoke have consideration for others.

5. Children and dogs must be kept under control by the members responsible for them.

6. The trip leader may refuse to accept anyone who is inappropriately dressed for the conditions on the day.  Any member of the group who is behaving in a manner likely to jeopardise the safety of the group may be asked to leave by the leader or organiser.

7. Tell the leader or organiser if you decide to leave the trip early.

8. If you have a medical condition such as asthma, angina, diabetes etc. it would be prudent to inform the organiser discretely at the start of a field trip – unless you attend with someone who knows your circumstances.


1. Keep collecting to a minimum.

2. Avoid removing in-situ fossils.

3. Do not leave exposures in an untidy or dangerous condition.

4. Never collect from walls or buildings.