In Memory of Dr. Matthew Parkes (RIP 2020)

Matthew Parkes, RIP

An appreciation of Dr. Matthew Parkes by Dr. Patrick Roycroft.


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Down to Earth Exhibition – Michèle Castiaux (Geological Survey Ireland) and Dr Patrick Roycroft (National Museum of Ireland), April 2022 (Full size images here).

Birr, Co. Offaly – Dr Markus Pracht (Geological Survey Ireland) – April 2022 (Full size images here).

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Knocksink, Co. Wicklow – Frank Clissmann (Irish Geological Association) – September 2020 (Full size images here).

The Burren – Dr. Markus Pracht (Geological Survey Ireland) , June 2019 (Full size images here).

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The IGA archive was organised voluntarily by a group of IGA members in 2016. This was largely made possible thanks to Nigel Monaghan and Matthew Parkes (RIP) from the National Museum of Ireland. A record is kept of all the documents present in the archive. These documents are available for consultation by appointment (GDPR rules apply). Please contact for further information.

The archive was classified in 11 sections:

  1. Newsletters and circulars
  2. Minutes and meetings
  3. Correspondence
  4. Accounts and membership lists
  5. Reports
  6. Posters and advertisements
  7. Constitution and Health & Safety
  8. Grants and Young Scientist
  9. Rock sets
  10. Field guides
  11. Miscellaneous

Link to archive records.

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The Lure of Gold by Peter Lewis, 2014.

The Ballad of Ireland’s Rocks by Margaret Franklin, 2019 (IGA Diamond Anniversary)

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