• New Ways to Hunt Down Irish Zn-Pb Mineralisation
    Irish Geological Association Lecture – Zoom only 15 November @ 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT Dr Aileen Doran (iCRAG UCD) TO REGISTER please send an e-mail to Abstract: Metals such as zinc, lead and copper are crucial for society, but there are many challenges remaining in how we explore and discover these important deposits. This talk will provide an update on recent geochemistry research across the southern Irish Zn–Pb ore field, introducing two techniques that could help us to identify hidden mineralisation. The two new techniques ar pyrite geochemistry and carbonate isotope analysis, focusing on minerals closely associated with … Continue reading
  • Peter Lewis Memorial Gold Panning Event
    Irish Geological Association Excursion Leader: Frank Clissmann Location: Cronybyrne, northeast of Clara Vale, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow You are most welcome, one and all, to come along on our annual IGA Gold Panning extravaganza for 2023. This year, participants will be led by Frank Clissmann, a master of the skill. Frank will guide you in your attempt to have your own Eureka moment and perhaps locate the long lost mother lode of the Wicklow Gold Rush of 1795. Or you can enjoy a nice outing, chatting with other geologists and geophiles, while sloshing about in a beautiful stream for a wee while! You may make a weekend of it considering … Continue reading
  • IGA Lecture: Dr Deirdre Lewis (Technical Director, SLR Consulting)
    November 26 2014 at 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM Social Licence to Operate: the Challenge for the 21st Century: The Third Leg of the Stool (society = the third leg of the stool!) This Wednesday, 26th November, continues our season of diverse talks with something a little different. Deirdre Lewis, who works with a geological consultancy firm, will be discussing the what it takes for geological enterprises to actually get to the stage where they can mine/drill/frack [yes, the ‘F’ word is here]. This talk will be of great interest to anyone concerned with practical economic geological activity – something … Continue reading
  • IGA Lecture: Prof. Quentin Crowley (Trinity College Dublin)
    Dear Members, Prof. Quentin Crowley (Trinity College Dublin) will give a talk to the IGA at 6:30 pm on Wednesday November 19th in the Geological Survey of Ireland (Beggars Bush, Dublin 2) on some new and very exciting research that he and his team are carrying out on the very earliest signs of life on Earth, which includes when oxygen first started to appear in abundance in both the ocean and the atmosphere. I (Patrick) have had a preview of this talk and it is fascinating. Coffee and biccies at 6:00 pm beforehand. See you there.
  • School Seminar: Precious metals, magmas and contamination
    Tuesday 24th January, 2012 “Precious metals, magmas and contamination: unravelling the economic geology of the Skaergaard intrusion, east Greenland” Speaker: Dr Dave Holwell (University of Leicester) This is a lunchtime seminar organised by UCD School of Geological Sciences. All are welcome. VENUE: Room G01, UCD School of Geological Sciences, Belfield, Dublin 4. UCD MAP and DIRECTIONS TIME: 1.00pm