Schools Poster Project

EarthPoster_603-212x300Schools Poster Project

In 2012 the IGA Council identified a very good A1 poster, showing the Geological Periods and Epochs, juxtaposed with their life forms, the major index fossils of the time, and the then current continental positions. This poster was half in German and half in English and did not have the new nomenclature for the Periods and Epochs. The IGA Council decided to seek funding for the editing and printing of a revised version of this poster and for its distribution to all the secondary schools in Ireland, along with a booklet on basic Irish geology, currently being prepared by Ian Sanders of
TCD, plus extra rock sets for schools that don’t yet have them.

Tullow Oil kindly came up with the money for this project and we are pleased to report that the posters have been edited and printed and now await distribution (see the poster on the other side). The geology booklet is in progress, as the rock sets will be shortly. A11 secondary school Geography Teachers may apply for one of these very attractive posters and can do so on the ‘Schools’ page on our website. The posters are available now for collection in Dublin. The Council are currently exploring cost-cutting ways of getting them distributed throughout Ireland,

Geography Teachers can collect their free copy from Mr Les Fox in the Geological Survey of Ireland library office, in Begger’s Bush, Dublin 4. You just have to give your name as a Geography teacher and the School name and he will give you your free copy of the poster.

Secondary school geography teachers are encouraged to register their interest and apply soon for distribution of the current poster (for those who can’t collect one) and the up-coming revised geology booklet and rock sets. Just send an email to with the subject ‘Poster for Schools request’ and, as above, tell us your name as a Geography teacher and the school name and we will be in touch when the material is available.

Further information about geology for schools in Ireland can be found at GEOSCHOL where a wealth of posters, maps, activites and other downloads can be found.