The Faulty Side of Howth Head

IGA Day Excursion to Hwoth Head, Dublin

Date: Sunday 30th June

Time: 9am – c. 3pm

Location: Howth/Balscadden area of North Dublin Leader: Prof. John
Walsh (UCD, iCRAG)
To Register, please Click HERE or e-mail us at

Please note: This excursion is not accessible by DART on Sunday as no
train arrives in time. Car pooling is available so please state if you are
interested in this option and we will do our best to facilitate you.

In this field trip we’ll examine the geology and structure of Howth Head.
We’ll see how the Howth Fault juxtaposes Carboniferous limestone and
Cambrian clastic sequences, which have very distinctive geological
histories and structures. The outcrops visited provide nice examples of
fractures, veins, minor faults, fault rock and fault-related mineralisation.
Not only does the Howth Fault highlight the structural characteristics of
those faults responsible for Ireland’s Zn-Pb deposits, it has also had an
important role in the formation of Dublin Bay. Places on this excursion
are limited to 30 and there is still some space left.

Leader: Professor John Walsh, UCD
John Walsh is Professor of Structural Geology at University College
Dublin and Founding Director (2014-2018) and Co-PI of the Irish Centre
for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG). His research interests are
on all aspects of formation and growth of faults and fractures, and their
impact on subsurface fluid flow and hazards within a variety of
application areas. He has won a number of awards for his work, but
much prefers going out in the field to look at rocks!

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