Peter Lewis Memorial Gold Panning Event

Irish Geological Association Excursion

Leader: Frank Clissmann

Location: Cronybyrne, northeast of Clara Vale, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow

30 November @ 11:43 PM

Past President of the IGA and Gold panning enthusiast, the late Peter Lewis.
Photo Credits: Frank Clissman

You are most welcome, one and all, to come along on our annual IGA Gold Panning extravaganza for 2023. This year, participants will be led by Frank Clissmann, a master of the skill. Frank will guide you in your attempt to have your own Eureka moment and perhaps locate the long lost mother lode of the Wicklow Gold Rush of 1795. Or you can enjoy a nice outing, chatting with other geologists and geophiles, while sloshing about in a beautiful stream for a wee while! You may make a weekend of it considering the gorgeous area and unique accommodation options in the immediate area.

For long-time IGA members, this is a time to remember our friend and Past President, Peter Lewis, who is greatly missed by those who had the pleasure to know him. Peter particularly enjoyed the geological pastime of gold panning! We hope that Peter would be glad to know that geologists are carrying out this time-honoured tradition in his memory. 

When? Saturday 30th September 2023, 11am.

Where? Meeting at Clissmann Horse Caravans, Cronybyrne, just northeast of Clara Vale, Co. Wicklow (approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes from Dublin by car). Car pooling is possible so get in touch about this if interested. 
Lat. Long. Coordinates: 
52.973858, -6.217257

What to bring: Wellies, gloves/hand sanitiser, midge repellent and appropriate clothing to keep warm plus sun cream and hat if it is sunny. 

If you have your own gold panning pan and associated kit, then please bring it along.

Please Book HERE for this memorable event!

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