Irish Geolocial Association A.G.M. 2024

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 24 th April, 2024 from 7 pm

Main Laboratory, Museum Building, Trinity College Dublin

Minutes of the IGA AGM from 2023
Presentation of Reports:
President’s Report – Maria Cullen
Lecture Secretary’s Report – Dr. Patrick Roycroft
Excursions Secretary’s Report – Dr. Stephen Carrington
Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of Audited Accounts – Dan O’Shea
Plans – Programme and Heritage Week Subcommittee

Presidential Address ‘The singing River and the wise Rock /An abhainn ag canadh
agus an charraig eagna… A sense of place and the IGA’

Wine & Cheese

Vacant Council Positions 2024/2025:
Vice President (Incoming) Proposed: Gordon Poole
Lecture Secretary Proposed: Ed McKenna
Membership Secretary
Social Media Officer

Current Council:
President: Maria Cullen
Lecture Secretary: Dr. Patrick Roycroft (stepping down)
Excursions Secretary: Dr. Stephen Carrington
Newsletter Secretary: Dr. Bill Sheppard
Minutes Secretary: Howard Fox
Treasurer: Daniel O’Shea (stepping down)
Website Manager/Communications Officer: Gordon Poole
Cork Representative: Dr. Richard Unitt
Galway Representative: Kevin Rogers
Council Members: Dr. Méabh Banríon, Frank Clissmann, Laura Reilly, Ed McKenna

Auditor: Michael Shorten

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