IGA Whit Weekend Excursion

Roundstone, Co. Galway and Environs

Leader: Maria Cullen

FRIDAY 31 May – SUNDAY 2 June, 2024

Three Granites, Two Beaches, One Island and Lots of Life!

This weekend excursion (2 days of the long bank-holiday weekend), we will explore
three distinct Caledonian Granites (c. 400Ma) of the Bertraghboy Bay area – Murvey,
Errisbeg and Roundstone – in their type localities. Errisbeg Mountain (300m)
displays the boundary between the granite there with older Lower Palaeozoic
Amphibolite rocks, of the Metagabbro-Gneiss Suite (470Ma), to the north.
We will visit two stunning Foraminifera “sand” beaches, at Dog’s Bay and Gorteen. In
between the beaches lies an Isthmus leading south to a hammerhead-shaped
Tombolo with Earawalla Point in the West and Gorteen Point to the East. Inis Ní, an
island, connected by a causeway just east of Roundstone Village, will another focal
point of our excursion.

As we travel east from Murvey Townland by Roundstone and on to the wild Bog
Cotton of Gowlan, just North of Cnoc Mordáin, on the Iorras Aithneach Peninsula, we
will see a wide range of saxicolous and turbicolous life.
Participants are advised that accommodation is limited at this time of year.
Therefore, as soon as your registration is confirmed, please book for Friday and
Saturday night in the Roundstone area (Other nearby places are: Cashel Bay (7km),
Ballynahinch, Ballyconeely and Clifden, all approx.. 10km to Roundstone). When
your booking is confirmed, we will suggest groups that may consider travelling (and
booking accommodation) together.


Leader: Maria Cullen is a Geobiologist who has spent the past 30 years (yikes!)
getting to know the geology and biodiversity of Ireland. She currently researches
anything from geochemistry, air quality, palaeobotany, plant pathology, taxonomy and
fungal genetics. Maria has studied the geology of her homeland, especially beloved
Caledonian Granites, but she also has geologised across lots of Europe, some US
states, some Caribbean Islands, Japan and South Pacific islands.

Costs and booking: Because of the Whit Bank Holiday, as soon as you have been
confirmed as registered for this excursion, please book your accommodation in or
around Roundstone. We cannot emphasise how busy Roundstone can be in the
Summer months, particularly at Bank Holiday times. Let us know if you would like to
book self-catering accommodation with others and/or to car share and we will make
introductions, with your permission.

The Terrain and fitness requirements: This excursion should be within the abilities
of an averagely fit person, but does involve some exertion and steep ascents in
places. Walking boots or shoes with good ankle support are required at all locations.
See the following excursion schedule for more detail.

Register by clicking HERE

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