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IGA Field Trip, 7 May 2022: Geology and Hydrology of the Fore Abbey/Lough Bane/Slieve na Calliagh Areas with Dr Robert Meehan (An Talamh Ireland)

IAH (Irish Group) members are most welcome. 

7 May, 2022 @ 10:00 AM 5:00 PM Fore/Slieve na Calliagh, Westmeath-Meath

Booking is now OPEN for this day excursion

Please book early to avoid disappointment HERE

What? The Seven Wonders of Fore – their geological significance

Photo Credit: Robert Meehan

Bedrock, Glacial action, Karst and Karstification, Holocene hydrology, Soils, Peat

Lunch at Fore (packed lunch advised)

Lough Bane

Bedrock, Glacial action, Karst and Karstification, Holocene hydrology, Soils, Water supply

Slieve na Calliagh (Loughcrew, Co. Meath)

Bedrock, Glacial action, Megalithic Tombs, Catchment hydrology, Soils

St. Kieran’s Well

Bedrock, Glacial action, Karst and Karstification, Heritage and folklore in geology

Why? This is an amazing excursion to a fantastic area with our erudite leader, Dr. Robert Meehan, hydrogeologist and author of “Making of Meath”


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Fore Abbey, Co. Westmeath

Fore Ireland + Google Map